Workplace romances: Can you sleep your way to the top? 08 Mar 2016

Wednesday, March 09, 2016 Rob 1 Comments

The perils of dating your boss: do workplace romances have a positive or negative effect on your job prospects? And predicting the sex of your child: do women who prefer a certain type of man think they're more likely to give birth to boys or girls?

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It’s a Boy! Women Who Want a Son are More Attracted to Dominant Men
The Perils of Dating Your Boss

I don't think donning a giant shower cap is going to attract anyone, but OK... Gwendal Uguen/Flickr

The articles covered in the show:

Chan-Serafin, S., Teo, L., Minbashian, A., Cheng, D., & Wang, L. (in press). The perils of dating your boss: The role of hierarchical workplace romance and sex on evaluators’ career advancement decisions for lower status romance participants. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Read summary

Palmer-Hague, J. L., & Watson, N. V. (2016). Predicted offspring sex is related to women’s preferences for dominance in men. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 10(1), 10-28. Read summary


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