Do high heels really enhance a woman’s sex appeal? Nov 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014 Rob 4 Comments

"I’ll have what she’s having": why younger women are more prone to pursuing the partners of their peers. We also find out whether high heels really do put you one step ahead of the competition, and why women who engage in anal sex engage in anal sex. I mean seriously, why??

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Do high heels or flats make a woman more attractive? Nicolas Gueguen took to the streets of France to find out. Jake Guild/Flickr

The articles covered in the show:

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Guéguen, N. (in press). High heels increase women’s attractiveness. Archives of Sexual Behavior. Read summary

Reynolds, G. L., Fisher, D. G., & Rogala, B. (in press). Why women engage in anal intercourse: Results from a qualitative study. Archives of Sexual Behavior. Read summary


  1. I thought we already knew why high heels make a woman more attractive. It's because they make her legs look longer and sleeker like a barbie doll. No?

  2. Well, that is the standard explanation, but I don't think I have seen a paper that supports it one way or the other. It certainly sounds sensible, but there are other possibilities. Maybe heels increase hip rotation during walking, enhancing the typically feminine gait?

  3. I assumed that the woman looks beautiful while using stiletos because her legs and her butt looks so nice and so sexy.

    1. That could well be true, but there might be multiple levels of explanation. One of my college lecturers would put it this way: why does a baby breastfeed? One answer could be that babies enjoy the taste of milk. Another that humans seek nourishment as a means of surviving. There are other answers we could think of too. They can all be correct at the same time.


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