Beer goggles and penis arrows. 19 May 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Rob 2 Comments

We strap on our beer goggles and find out how alcohol influences attractiveness. Also, you have a penis! Well, half of you do, and we discover what happens to men’s sexual thoughts when they’re reminded of what they’re packing in their tighty whities.

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Paying Attention to your Genitals Changes the Kind of Relationships you Seek
Reverse Beer Goggles

This cool dude is probably experiencing high 'genital salience'. Ladies looking for commitment should steer clear.

The articles covered in the show:

Fetterman, A. K., Kruger, N. N., & Robinson, M. D. (2015). Sex-linked mating strategies diverge with a manipulation of genital salience. Motivation and Emotion, 39(1), 99-103. Read summary

Van Den Abbeele, J., Penton-Voak, I. S. A., A. S., Stephen, I. D., & Munafò, M. R. (in press). Increased facial attractiveness following moderate, but not high, alcohol consumption. Alcohol and Alcoholism. Read summary


  1. Will the next podcast be up at 23.59 again?

  2. You cheeky monkey! Still, nice to know someone was waiting for it...


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