Marriage or fling? Desiring different partners for different relationships. 11 Aug 2015

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 Rob 11 Comments

If you’re single (and even if you’re not) are you on the look-out for someone to marry, a one night stand, or something in between? In this episode we find out how they type of relationship we seek can influence our mating behaviour and psychology.

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Do Women Remember How a Man Looks or What he Says?
Good Dancers are Seen as Promiscuous

Men rely more on dancing ability as a signal of women's attractiveness when looking for a short-term, rather than a long-term, relationship partner, according to new research.

The articles covered in the show:

Horgan, T. G., Broadbent, J., McKibbin, W. F., & Duehring, A. J. (in press). Show versus tell? The effects of mating context on women’s memory for a man’s physical features and verbal statements. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Read summary

Röder, S., Weege, B., Carbon, C.-C., Shackelford, T. K., & Fink, B. (2015). Men's perception of women's dance movements depends on mating context, but not men's sociosexual orientation. Personality and Individual Differences, 86, 172-175. Read summary


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